The Psychology of Upper-limb Prosthetic use

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Sport and Health Sciences

University of Exeter

Sport and Health Sciences

University of Exeter

Exercise and Sports Science

Manchester Metropolitan University

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19 Mar 2019, 09:00 – 16:30
Council Chamber (Ormond Building),
Manchester Metropolitan University, M15 6BH

The Psychology of Upper-limb Prosthetic use

 The human hand is remarkable, and the loss of an upper limb represents a huge challenge for one’s sensorimotor system. The goal of this workshop is to bring together psychologists, prosthetists, bioengineers, and prosthetic-users to present and discuss work which furthers our understanding of the psychology of upper limb prosthetic use.


The format of this day-long workshop will be to combine two keynote speakers with oral and poster presentations from scientists across a range of cognate disciplines. The first keynote, Dr Tamar Makin from University College London, will give a presentation entitled: ‘Brain plasticity following hand loss’, to provide the audience with an overview of the most recent advances in knowledge regarding the neural changes that occur following amputation. The second keynote, Dr Raoul Bongers from the University of Groningen, will give a presentation entitled: ‘Action-perception learning in upper limb prosthesis use’, highlighting how interventions to improve prostheses uptake need to be designed from a perceptual psychological perspective. 


This day-long workshop will take place on the 19th of March at Manchester Metropolitan University, immediately prior to 2019 Trent International Prosthetics Symposium which is being held in the same city. Attendance will be free, although we do request that attendees register to assist with catering. We would hope to attract scientists and professionals from from disciplines such as psychology, sport and health, medicine, and bioengineering. This multi-disciplinary approach will help bring together groups of scientists and applied end users in discussions about the psychology of prosthetic arm.

A call for abstracts will soon appear, with space for 6 oral presentation and ~30 poster presentations. Experimental Psychology Society can provide travel funding for early-career scientists from a Psychology background in the form of Grindley Grants. In addition, Manchester Metropolitan University will fund four travel bursaries for presenters from non-psychology backgrounds.



Abstract Submission is now closed.



Council Chamber
(Ormond Building)















Coffee and registration

Welcome and opening remarks

Gavin Buckingham (University of Exeter)

Greg Wood (Manchester Metropolitan University)

'Upper- and lower-limb amputees show reduced levels of eeriness for images of prosthetic hands'

Ellen Poliakoff (University of Manchester)

'The impact of using an upper-limb prosthesis on the perception of real and illusory weight differences'

Gavin Buckingham (University of Exeter)

'Compensatory motor behaviour in children with limb differences'

Laura Bird (Durham University)

Coffee break and Poster session

Keynote Lecture – 'Brain plasticity following hand loss'

Dr Tamar Makin (University College London)

Catered buffet lunch

'Mechano-tactile haptic feedback for 3D printed, body-powered prostheses'

Helge Wurdemann (University College London)

'Incorporating the appearance and spatial characteristics of fake hands: temporal properties and influence of body awareness'

Elizabeth Lewis (University of Manchester)

'Evaluating and alleviating the cognitive burden during myoelectric prosthetic hand use'

Johnny Parr (Liverpool Hope University)

Coffee break and poster session

Keynote Lecture – 'Action-perception learning in upper limb prosthesis use'

Dr Raoul Bongers (University of Groningen)

Concluding remarks

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Gavin Buckingham
(Sport and Health Sciences, University of Exeter)
Samuel J Vine
(Sport and Health Sciences, University of Exeter)
Greg Wood
(Exercise & Sports Science, Manchester Metropolitan University)
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